Meet the Team

The Friends for Life team is made up of a small number of staff, and a Board of Trustees. Together we look after our growing team of volunteers. If you would like to join us, please get in touch.

Jane Eimermann - General Manager

Jane runs our small staff team. She brings many years of experience from other charities to this role and is helping us to ensure we can drive up the number of our volunteers and grow our range of services.

Pauline Carter - Volunteer Lead & Trainer

Pauline trains and leads our growing team of volunteers. She has extensive experience in nursing, social care and the chartable sector. 

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer, Pauline would love to hear from you. 

Alison Flashman - Administrator

Alison works part-time to support our small staff team and our board across all of their activities.

Kathryn Hughes - Fundraising Lead

Kathryn has been leading our fund-raising work for several years. She’s recently returned from maternity leave and an integral part of our team.

Terri Harrington - Chair

Terri leads our board and directs the management of our small staff team. 

Mike Elliott - Treasurer

Mike became the Honorary Treasurer for Friends for Life over a decade ago. He keeps a very close eye on the charity’s finances and makes sure we adhere to all the rules and requirements of a registered charity.


Keyur Bhatt - Trustee

Keyur changed profession just over ten years ago after having the opportunity to run a Care business.   He has since been primarily involved in the Social Care sector. His knowledge from the frontline is vital to us.

Dominic Carter - Trustee

Dom has years of experience in nursing and social care. He has a deep knowledge of how care homes are run and how best to provide support and care through our volunteers to residents in need of companionship.

Paul Wilson - Trustee

Paul is an information technology specialist working in major infrastructure. He uses his expertise to ensure all the IT systems which support Friends for Life are correctly set up, maintained and used by the team.

Helen Wheatley - Trustee

Helen uses her professional expertise as a Human Resources consultant to support Friends for Life in ensuring our team is set up well and supported with all the appropriate governance and policies. 

Sarah Walker

Sarah Walker - Trustee

Sarah is a communications and stakeholder specialist, having worked across a number of sectors from housing to major infrastructure. A former journalist and broadcaster she uses her media expertise to help shape Friends for Life’s communications and profile raising activities.

Nafiz Hasnat - Trustee

Nafiz is the most recent trustee to join our board. He brings over two decades experience in banking and corporate finance in both the  UK and Bangladesh.